Project Name: Rooftop Deck Renovation

This rooftop deck with wind protection project involves the renovation of a commercial rooftop deck situated atop Bay Vista, a 24-story mixed-use building completed in 1982. Located in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, Bay Vista boasts 73 units and a range of amenities, including a rooftop deck and outdoor living space. The building’s first five floors comprise a mix of office spaces and ground-floor retail establishments, with the residential units situated on the upper floors.

The project aimed to enhance the rooftop deck, providing residents and visitors with an inviting outdoor space to enjoy panoramic views and socialize in a comfortable setting. The renovated rooftop deck features slope-correcting and height-adjustable Buzon pedestals, along with a combination of ipe hardwood pavers and stone-look porcelain pavers. Additionally, due to the deck’s elevation and proximity to Puget Sound, a wind uplift solution was installed.

Type: Commercial Rooftop Deck Renovation on High-rise Mixed-use Building
Location: Seattle, WA
Components: Buzon PB-Series Pedestals, PB Spacer Tabs, PB-U-Washer, PB-Fastener, Ipe Pavers, Porcelain Pavers

Rooftop Deck with Wind Protection on Pavers Near Parapet Wall
Rooftop Wind Uplift Protection Using Buzon PB-U-Washer

What the Heck is Wind Uplift?

The same aerodynamic principles responsible for generating lift on an aircraft wing also apply to other flat surfaces exposed to air currents, such as rooftop decks or unsecured tiles. In these cases, the airflow over the surfaces can create lift or downward force, depending on the design and orientation of the surface, potentially causing them to lift or become displaced.

Rooftop Deck Wind Protection Solutions

Mother Nature always influences the built environment. When paver decking materials encounter wind uplift, a wind-resistant solution is necessary. For materials like ipe pavers and other woods, concrete, or porcelain pavers thick enough to be kerf cut, we recommend using the Buzon PB-Fastener to secure the pavers. Another solution is to use the PB-U-Washer, which affixes the paver to the pedestal head. These are the two wind uplift solutions employed in the showcased project. Buzon USA West offers a range of solutions. Please consult your building engineer and reach out to us if your project requires a wind protection solution.

Condominium Rooftop Deck with Wind Uplift Protection

The Buzon PB-U-Washer wind uplift protection is seen affixed to the porcelain pavers but the PB-Fastener is below the ipe paver decking surface.

Rooftop Deck with Buzon Pedestals U-Washer Wind Protection
Rooftop Deck with Kerf Cut Ipe Paver and Buzon PB-Fastener Wind Protection
Rooftop Deck with Porcelain Pavers Over Buzon Pedestals with U-Washer Wind Protection
Rooftop Deck with Raised Garden and Buzon U-Washer Wind Uplift Protection
Rooftop Deck with Wind Protection on Pavers Near Parapet Wall
Sports Court on Rooftop Deck with Porcelain Pavers and Wind Uplift Protection

VIDEO: PB-Fastener

The PB-Fastener fastening system secures wood deck tiles to the Buzon pedestal head. Use with ipe wood pavers or Thermory hardwood decking tiles.

VIDEO: PB-U-Washer

The PB-U-Washer package contains a locking disc and screw that mates to the KIT-1 clip to securely affix outdoor decking tiles to the Buzon PB Series pedestal head for increased wind resistance.

Work with Buzon Pedestals

Contact us about your rooftop deck project and questions about wind uplift solutions at (503) 954-3336, email, or click.

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