Buzon Projects

Buzon Everywhere

Buzon pedestal applications appear in hospitals, college campuses, promenades, private residences, parks, power stations, temples, stadiums, exhibition centers, corporate headquarters, opera houses, factories, bridges, public squares, train stations, airports, breweries, restaurants, hotels, resorts and more.

Solving Problems

Pedestals Paver Systems can be used to solve unique problems including spanning unequal heights, avoiding obstacles, hiding utility and other services lines, creating sloped surfaces and ramps, and adjusting for locally uneven substrates. Contact us when you need to discuss your design challenge.

Pedestal Applications

Roof Decks & Balconies

Porcelain Pavers over Buzon Pedestals on Brewery Rooftop Deck
Buzon PB Pedestals Paver System on Rooftop Deck Champlain College
Rooftop Deck with PB Series Pedestals and Wood Decking
Buzon Pedestals and Ipe Hardwood Pavers on Rooftop Deck at 10 Barrel Brewing
Rooftop Deck Pedestal Application with Wood Board Decking and Porcelain Pavers
Porcelain Paver Balcony Makeover Uses Buzon Low-Profile Pedestal Solution
Balcony with Buzon Pedestals
Kimpton Sawyer Hotel Balcony with Buzon Pedestals
Stone Tile Balcony Over PB Series Buzon Pedestals
Balcony on Luxury Residence with Wood Decking Over Buzon Pedestals
Buzon Pedestal Balcony Project on 55 2nd Street in San Francisco
Completed Porcelain Paver Terrace with Buzon Pedestals San Francisco
Solaire Apartment Rooftop Deck with Buzon Pedetals
Bayside Village Apartments Rooftop Deck with Buzon Pedestals in San Francisco
Luxury Residence at 2177 3rd San Francisco Uses Buzon Pedestals in Roof Deck

Plazas & Terraces

Buzon Pedestals on Building Exterior with Slope Corrected Terrace
Exterior Building Plaza with Buzon Pedestals
Concrete Pavers Over Buzon BC Series Pedestals and Public Marina Application
Public Plaza in Marine Environment is Perfect for Buzon Weather Resistant Properties
Concrete Decking Tiles Over Buzon Pedestals in Large Public Plaza
Public Plaza with Buzon Pedestals and Concrete Decking Tiles
View from Underneath Pedestal Pavers Decking System
Buzon Pedestals are Underfoot Everywhere
Buzon Pedestals Support Heavy Stone and Concrete Loads
Public Plaza Near Train Station with Buzon Pedestals
Buzon BC Pedestals Handle Irregular Shape Materials
Buzon BC Series Pedestals with 360 Degree Circular Spacer Tabs

Water Features

Buzon Installation in Water Feature Hong Kong Waterfront - Buzon USA West
Buzon Pedestals Water Feature in New Orleans Convention Center
Water Feature Fountain with Adjustable Screwjack Pedestals redux
Buzon Pedestals Under Water Feature in Public Space
Buzon Pedestals with Wood Decking In Waterproof Application at Resort Lake

Deck Systems

Buzon PB Series Pedestals with Hardwood Deck Tiles
Ipe Board Decking Over PB Series Pedestals
Buzon Pedestals Can Be Used With Nearly Any Decking Material
Buzon Pedestals Accommodate Nearly Any Decking Material
Wood decking and Porcelain Pavers on Rooftop Pet Deck with Cooking Station
PB Series Pedestals with U-BRS Aluminum Joists and Wood Decking
PB Series Pedestals with Shims, Tabs, and Slope Corrector Accessories
Rainwater Falls Through Even Spaces Between Pavers Thanks to Spacer Tabs
Large Concrete Slabs Over Buzon PB Series Pedestals
Residential Terrace Using Pedestal Set Porcelain Pavers
Low-Profile Buzon Pedestals Solution Used for Residential Patio
Level and Low Profile Patio Using Buzon Pedestals

Green Roofs

Green Roof Application Made with Buzon Pedestals
Rooftop Terrace with Buzon Pedestals

Pathways & Walkways

Walkway at Cheese Factory Uses Composite Decking and Buzon PB Series Pedestals
Buzon PB Series Pedestals with Joist Holders - PB Kit
Buzon PB Series Pedestals with Joists for Cheese Factory Walkway
Concrete Pavers and Buzon Pedestals on Hotel Walkway
Walkway with PB Series Pedestals and Porcelain Pavers
Porcelain Pavers Over Buzon Pedestals on Rooftop Deck
Polygonal Shaped Stone Over Buzon BC Series Pedestals in Walkway Application
Buzon Pedestals With Wood Decking and Stone Pavers in School Walkway
Commercial Walkway Project Example Using Buzon BC Fire Rated Pedestals
Apple Park Raised Decking Surface Over Buzon Pedestals is Level Walking Surface
Apple Campus Visitor Center Raised Flooring Application Using Buzon BC Series Pedestals with Services Hidden Below
Marine Board Walk With Board Decking Over Buzon Pedestals

Illuminated Floors

Exhibition Stand with Buzon Transparent Pedestal - Japan
Transparent Buzon Pedestal with Glass Pavers
Profile View Showing Translucent Buzon Pedestals and Glass Pavers
Glass Pavers Over Buzon Clear Translucent Pedestals
Buzon Transparent BC Pedestals-with-Glass-Pavers-in Illuminated Floor Showroom Application

Temporary Floors

Temporary Raised Floor Exhibit Using Buzon Pedestals
Game Show Stage Flooring Placed Over Buzon BC Series Pedestals
Game Show Floor Uses Raised Pedestal System from Buzon

Industrial Platforms

Walkable Surface Created with Industrial Grating and Buzon Pedestals
Underside of Industrial Walkway - HVAC and Pedestals in View
PB Series Pedestals with Joist Kit to Create Tall Industrial Platform
Industrial Platform Creates Useable Surface and Hides Conduit Bundle
Industrial Grating Over Buzon Pedestals to Create Walkable Platform Over HVAC Ducts
Industrial Grating over Buzon Pedestal Spans Gaps and Covers Obstructions
Industrial Grating and Buzon Pedestals for Rinsing Station
BC Series Pedestal with Grating for Industrial Application
Buzon PB Series Pedestals with Industrial Grating
Industrial Metal Grating Supported by PB Pedestals

Pet Walks & Synthetic Turf

Roof Deck with Dog Park and Synthetic Turf over Buzon Pedestals and Grating Panels
Rooftop Deck include Gazebo Dog Park and Raised Planting Bed

Swimming Pool Surrounds

Swimming Pool Surround with Buzon Pedestals and Concrete Pavers
Flush Mount Up Light Has Electrical Below Decking Surface
Outdoor Living Deck with Buzon Pedestals and Concrete Pavers
Pool Surround with Concrete Pavers and Buzon Pedestals
Swimming Pool Surround With Buzon Pedestals
Private Mountain Retreat with Pool Deck
Pool Surround Wood Decking with Buzon PB Pedestals
Pool Surround Terrace with Buzon PB Series Pedestals
Example of Using PB Kit Joist Holder and PB-Series Pedestals
Pool Surround Design with Composite Decking Over PB-Series Pedestals

Solving Unique Problems

Span Unequal Heights with Adjustable Height Buzon BC Series Pedestals with Concrete Pavers
Buzon Pedestals set Porcelain Pavers Provide Easy Access for Maintenance and Inspection of Services
Utility and Service Lines are Hidden Beneath Decking Surface - Gas - Electric - Irrigation
Structural Porcelain Pavers over Buzon Pedestals with Electrical Conduit Below Deck
Porcelain Pavers Over Buzon Pedestals Create Level Decking Surface Free of Unsightly Conduit
Buzon Pedestals Allow Designer to Hide Services Below Decking Surface
Buzon Pedestals with Spacer Tabs Shown Supporting Irregular Shaped Material and Service Line Concealed by Decking Surface
Large Concrete Paver Slabs Over Buzon Adjustable Screwjack PB-Series Pedestals
Buzon Pedestals Used with Grating Panels to Level Out Large Change in Substrate
Previously Seen Sloping Corners are Now Visibly Hidden with Raised Floor Buzon Pedestal System

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