Project Name: Game Show Stage

In the world of event design and construction, versatility is key. Whether you’re envisioning an eye-catching game show stage or a stunning tradeshow exhibit floor, the foundation is key. Enter Buzon pedestals – the cornerstone of innovative temporary raised floor solutions.

One challenge designers face is creating raised floors with curved and round shapes for stages and other structures. With Buzon pedestals, the possibilities are endless. This game show stage was crafted from a lightweight, high-density subfloor material, meticulously cut into segments and shaped into a perfect circle. Featuring 360-degree independently rotating spacer tabs, Buzon pedestals support materials cut on a radius, hexagonal formations, and even curvilinear designs. Buzon pedestals pave the way for limitless creativity and functionality.

Type: Temporary Floor Solutions Used for Game Show
Location: Television Studio
Components: Buzon Pedestals, BC Spacer Tabs, High-Density Subfloor

Temporary Raised Floor Exhibit Using Buzon Pedestals
Independently Rotating Spacer Tabs on Buzon Pedestal Head Align to Any Shape Material

Components of Temporary Raised Floor Systems

Buzon Pedestals Temporary Raised Floor Applications

Raised flooring solutions, utilizing Buzon pedestals, offer a myriad of applications suitable for both temporary and permanent needs. Whether it’s a dynamic event venue or a flexible exhibition space, temporary raised floors provide versatility, customization, and ease of setup, making them indispensable for various occasions.

Temporary raised floor applications include: game show and other stages, convention center flooring, exhibit floors, fashion runway, house of worship stages and floors, ice rink and arena floor covering, indoor or outdoor pathways, leveled floor, pedestrian pathways, portable dance floor, special event venue flooring, temporary yard flooring, trade shows floors, wedding event floors, tent flooring, etc.

Game Show Temporary Raised Floor with Buzon Pedestals

For an immersive experience and to see our solutions in action, watch a contestant’s episode on YouTube: link

Temporary Raised Floor Game Show Stage Built on Buzon Pedestals
First Segment of Raised Flooring Installed Over Buzon Pedestals
Ring of Buzon Pedestals to Support Circular Stage
Independently Rotating Spacer Tabs on Buzon Pedestal Head Align to Any Shape Material
Temporary Raised Flooring Application for Stage Using Buzon Pedestals
Any Shape Flooring Materials Can Conform to Buzon Pedestal Circular Space Tabs
Game Show Stage Flooring Placed Over Buzon BC Series Pedestals
Temporary Raised Floor Exhibit Using Buzon Pedestals
Game Show Floor Uses Raised Pedestal System from Buzon


The Buzon Pedestal System BC Series provides endless design possibilities by using 360° independently rotating circular spacer tabs to line up non-dimensional materials perfectly.

Work with Buzon Pedestals

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