Buzon BC Series Pedestal

Buzon BC Series pedestals provide designers with endless creative possibilities. Independently 360° rotating spacer tabs line up non-dimensional materials perfectly. Locking keys stop rotation in either direction, fixing the pedestal at a specific height. These features make the BC Series a favorite for water features and raised industrial flooring applications. The BC family of pedestals has an adjustable height range of 1 1/8″ – 44 1/2″ (28-1130 mm) with optional slope correction. Fixed height pedestals (BC-0 and BC-1) and U-PADS are available to support a range from 3 to 28 mm. If your project requires fire-rated, self-extinguishing pedestals consider the Bfl-s1 Rated BC-FR pedestal.

BC Series Key Advantages

  • Quick to install
  • Easy to adjust
  • Strongest pedestal series
  • Heights ranging from 1/8″ – 44″
  • Spacer tabs can be placed in any position
  • Compatible with any shape paver material: triangular, hexagonal, even curvilinear
  • Supports wide range of joint thicknesses
  • Slope correction from 0-15%
  • Allows creation of specific sloped walking surface – such as ADA ramps
  • 100% recyclable
  • Conceals conduit and services
Buzon BC Series Pedestal - BC 5

BC Series Applications

Applications include roof decks, flat roof terraces, patios, balconies, plazas, terraces, swimming pool surrounds, illuminated floors, exhibition stands, water features, fountain terraces, pedestrian walkways, roof access paths, and technical floors for industrial applications. Buzon Pedestals have even been used for game show stage design and car showrooms.

Broad Material Compatibility

The BC-Series pedestals are especially popular for outdoor applications including , pool decks and water features, in landscape areas and on rooftops. Buzon pedestals can be installed over a wide range of solid and stable substrates, such as concrete slabs, cement screeds, waterproof membranes, and insulation panels.

Buzon BC Series Pedestals Handle Irregular Shape Materials
Public Plaza Near Train Station with Buzon Pedestals
Marine Ipe Board Decking Over Buzon Raised Pedestals
Buzon Pedestals in Industrial Plant with Walkways and Grating Panels
Buzon BC Series Pedestal with BC-KIT-2- Joist Holder Sometimes Mistaken for Buson
BC Series Pedestal with Grating for Industrial Application
BC Pedestal 360 Spacer Tabs Accommodate Irregular Shaped Decking Materials
Buzon BC Series Pedestals and Travertine Stone Decking
Private Mountain Retreat with Pool Deck
Low-Profile Buzon Pedestals Solution Used for Residential Patio
BC Pedestal Raised Decking Application in Backyard Oasis
BC Series Pedestals Can Handle Octagonal Shaped Concrete or Stone Pavers

Buzon BC Series Pedestal Configuration

Pedestal Head

  • Screws directly into the base or onto couplers and inverters to reach desired height
  • Various accessories support complex shaped tiles and different decking materials
  • BC-4-TOP and BC-5-TOP have diameters of 5 11/16″ (145 mm) and a surface area of 25.58 sq inches (165 cm²)
  • The pedestal head may be cut away for positioning against a wall


  • The BC-C4 inverter is located directly beneath the BC pedestal head
  • Allows for precision height adjustment of the pedestal while installed under the tile
  • Reduces installation time even at the higher heights
  • Can provide significant savings in costs of labor


  • BC-C3 couplers are used to extend the height over 8 7/16″ (215 mm).
  • Wire hooks on the sides allow the pedestals to be tied together for maximum stability
  • Screws into the base and the head of the BC-4 pedestal
  • Use multiple couplers for taller pedestal configurations (BC-7 to BC-12)

Pedestal Base

  • The head, the inverter, the couplers and the base are equipped with a safety interlocking system
  • Base diameter is 7 7/8″ (200 mm) and the surface area is 48.67 sq inches (314 cm2)
  • BC-4-BASE and BC-5-Base may be simply laid or fixed to substrate
  • Design include 8 holes for fastening and an additional 8 holes for drainage
  • The pedestal base may be cut away for positioning against a wall

Slope Corrector

  • U-PH5 slope corrector affixes to bottom of pedestal to control slope
  • Installer can dial-in the slope correction to match whatever slope occurs between 0-5%
  • May be used to install horizontal or inclined terraces
  • Integrated locking key locks the corrector at desired level
  • KEY FOOT maintains orientation of corrector while adjusting pedestal height
  • Using multiple slope correctors, pitch can be corrected up to 15%
  • Fastest and most accurate slope corrector on the market — allowing installers to set each pedestal plumb and level in about 10 seconds – literally!

Buzon offers the fastest, most accurate slope correction system available. As an installer, it saves me time and labor. That’s important because I want to drain water, not my budget.

Jon Aguilar
Heritage Earth and Stone

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