The U-TOP-FLEX plate seamlessly integrates with PB series pedestals, accommodating various paver shapes—be it hexagonal, triangular, or curvilinear. Installation is a breeze with the PB-KIT-8 attachment, allowing U-Tabs to clip and slide into place, perfectly aligning with the tile’s shape. This setup offers unparalleled creative freedom.

Pedestal Configuration with U-TOP-FLEX

Any Shape Paver

Any shape paver is possible, hexagonal, triangular, even curvilinear pavers of porcelain, stone, concrete, wood, or glass.


The spacer tabs (U-TABS) are clipped into the slot and then slid to perfectly align to the shape of the tile. As with all Buzon spacer tabs, the U-TABS maintain perfect alignment and facilitate drainage. U-TABS are available in 2, 3, and 4.5 mm widths.

U-10/20-FLEX Shim

The U-E10-FLEX is a 1mm or 2mm shim placed on the head of the pedestal to aid stability, deaden sound, and can be used whole or in parts to compensate for any variations in the paver thickness.


The U-TOP-FLEX accessory is attached to the head of PB series pedestals to facilitate the laying of non-rectangular tiles with shapes such as hexagonal or triangular.


Attach to the pedestal head without tools using the PB-KIT-8. The PB-KIT-8 accessory is also used to attach ALUrail joists and the U-EDGE to the head of all PB Pedestals.

PB-Series Pedestal

This configuration can be completed with any pedestal in the PB range (PB-3 shown).

Slope Corrector

The U-PH5 slope corrector affixes to bottom of the PB pedestal to achieve a horizontal (slope-corrected) or inclined terrace as desired. The U-PH5 is adjustable through two rotary plates allowing the adjustment of an angle between 0 and 5%.

Buzon PB Series U-TOP-FLEX Stacked Image bottom to top with U-PH5 Slope Corrector + PB-3 Pedestal + PB-KIT-8 + U-TOP-FLEX Plate + U-E10/20-FLEX Shim + U-Tabs + Hexagonal Paver

Hexagonal Paver Installation

Installation of Triangular and Rectangular Pavers

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