Porcelain Pavers and Buzon Pedestals

Buzon pedestals are versatile, providing solid support for various decking materials, including porcelain pavers. Porcelain pavers are a popular choice for pedestal-based systems. These pavers come in traditional square and rectangular shapes, with sizes ranging from 16×16 inches (40×40 cm) to 40×40 inches (100×100 cm). Porcelain pavers also vary in thickness. Outdoor-rated structural porcelain pavers are available in 3/4 inch (20 mm), 1 1/4 inches (30 mm), or even larger. In contrast, interior-rated porcelain pavers are only 10 mm thick, approximately 3/8 inch.

Recommended Pedestal Positioning for Porcelain Pavers

For the optimal performance of your porcelain paver installation, Buzon USA West offers specific recommendations based on the thickness of the pavers. Each guideline takes into account the load-bearing capacity of Buzon pedestals. Generally, a larger grid pattern is more efficient, reducing the number of pedestals required per square foot and simplifying the installation process.

Porcelain Pavers with Buzon Pedestals

Recommended Pedestal Positioning for Porcelain Pavers

These pedestal grid patterns show the most efficient layout for porcelain pavers. When working with 3cm or thicker porcelain pavers, you can eliminate the center pedestal, further streamlining your installation. Keep in mind that various sizes and layouts may be suitable for your project, even if they aren’t shown here. If you need personalized guidance for your porcelain paver pedestal layout, please contact us.

Buzon Pedestal Grid Layout Installation Examples

These visuals offer insights into the benefits of using Buzon pedestals. From rooftop pool decks to residential terraces, Buzon pedestals deliver exceptional performance, stability and value.

Structural Porcelain Pavers over Buzon Pedestals on Canal Street Rooftop Pool Deck
Walkway with PB Series Pedestals and Porcelain Pavers
Residential Terrace Using Pedestal Set Porcelain Pavers
Porcelain Pavers with Buzon Pedestals
PB Series Pedestals with Spacer Tabs and Porcelain Pavers
Porcelain Pavers Over Buzon Pedestals on Rooftop Deck
Large Porcelain Slabs Running Bond Pattern Over Buzon Pedestals

Buzon Project Takeoffs

Buzon USA West creates accurate project take-offs, including grid-pattern and pedestal quantities for any decking material including porcelain pavers. This includes traditional square and rectangular shapes as well as ashlar patterns that require a grating support structure, and less common shapes including triangles and hexes and even curvalinear designs.

Explore a project takeoff for the recreational pool deck at the Four Seasons Resort. This showcases color-coded CAD drawings displaying the location and height of each pedestal, pedestal planning details around joist requirements, and ipe wood decking details. If your project requires a similar take-off, feel free to contact us.

Buzon USA West provides project takeoffs for pedestal paver layout or other grid systems and materials.

Buzon Pedestals Reference Projects

Discover Buzon pedestals in action through our Buzon USA West reference projects. See porcelain pavers expertly installed over Buzon pedestals in a variety of settings and gain inspiration from real-world applications.

Distributor for Buzon Pedestal International

As the Western distributor for Buzon Pedestal International, Buzon USA West proudly offers BC and PB series Buzon pedestals and accessories. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive sales and technical support at every stage of your project.

Buzon USA Reference Projects Download

Work with Buzon Pedestals

If you’re involved in designing, specifying, or constructing a commercial or residential rooftop deck or terrace that requires Buzon pedestals, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach out to us at (503) 954-3336, email sales@buzonpedestals.com, or click.

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