Project Name: Waikui

Type: Municipal
Location: Honolulu, O’ahu, HI
Components: Buzon polycarbonate clear pedestals, glass pavers

The Hawai’i State Art Museum (HiSAM) revitalized the No. 1 Capitol District Building courtyard, originally a nonaccessible and challenging-to-maintain space, into a vibrant sculpture garden and versatile gathering venue for public events. The 7,700 square foot pool courtyard area was converted into a captivating sculpture garden, featuring the monumental artwork, “Waikui,” a striking homage to the historic YMCA swimming pool. Artist Doug Young artfully addressed preservation concerns by encapsulating the pool’s essence in architectural glass pavers, featuring a dual-layered image symbolizing the union of pool water and the coastal ocean. “Waikui,” meaning “meeting of two waters,” encapsulates this narrative.

Blending History, Art, and Community

The sculpture garden preserves elements reminiscent of the pool, providing enchanting pathways for exploration and serene spots for reflection. Once a recreational space boasting a grand swimming pool, it now serves the public as a free and accessible urban oasis, inviting all to enjoy the seamless blend of history, art, and community.

Glass Pavers Over Buzon Clear Translucent Pedestals

Over the years, thousands of Hawaii people have learned to swim in the pool that was here. It’s a historic building on the National Register, so we had to at least keep the feeling of the pool, and the water art does that. At first when you look at it you think it is water. Kids run down there and kick off their shoes. 

Peter Rosegg, State Foundation on Culture and the Arts Commissioner

Resurrecting Heritage: A Dive into Historical Waters

Army-Navy YMCA building. The Armed Forces YMCA building. March 1928. Yew Char photo. Courtesy of Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Buzon Translucent Pedestals with Glass Pavers and Clear Spacer Tabs

System Components Working Together

Pairing architectural glass pavers and Buzon polycarbonate clear pedestals maintain a seamless, see-through appearance, eliminating unintended dark spots at glass paver intersections and boundaries.

Components Needed:

  • Buzon polycarbonate clear pedestals
  • Multi-layered laminated architectural glass pavers
  • Translucent Buzon spacer tabs
  • Silicone pad

Waikui Large-Scale Work Uses Buzon Polycarbonate Clear Pedestals

Sculpture Garden at Night with Glass Pavers Over Buzon Pedestals
Profile View Showing Translucent Buzon Pedestals and Glass Pavers
Side View of Glass Pavers Over Pedestals with Worker
Glass Pavers Over Buzon Clear Translucent Pedestals
Buzon Translucent Pedestals with Glass Pavers and Clear Spacer Tabs
Glass Pavers Simulating Pool Look at Sculpture Garden
Architectural Glass Pavers Ready to Move
Glass Pavers in Former Pool Bottom Application at Night
Final Waikui Pool - Image Courtesy of Artist Doug Young

Project Collaborators:

Waikui Photorealistic “Pool” Art Glass Floor

No. 1 Capitol District Building Courtyard

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