Project: Biotech Industrial Production of Algae

Industrial Application with Buzon Pedestals: In this outdoor microalgae production facility, elevated pipes, also known as tubular photobioreactors, are essential for the efficient cultivation and harvesting of algae. These pipes are integral to a closed-loop system designed to enhance algae growth, optimize nutrient delivery, and streamline harvesting. Within these tubes, algae flow continuously, maximizing their exposure to sunlight and nutrient-rich water. These biotech systems prioritize cost-effectiveness and the ability to function outdoors in direct sunlight, even on minimally improved land. Buzon pedestals were employed to elevate and support the tubes and pipes in this industrial operation.

Type: Industrial Commercial Application
Project Name: ALGATEC Eco Business Park 
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Components: Buzon Pedestals, Joist Holders, Wood Joists

Buzon pedestals supporting a biorefinery that is producing microalgae for industrial production
Close up of Buzon pedestals with joist kit accessory holding photobioreactor (PBR) tubes used for algae cultivation in industrial application
Note: Buzon pedestals with joist kit accessory holding photobioreactor (PBR) tubes mounted on wood joists.

Benefits of Using Buzon Pedestals for Industrial Applications

  • Wide range of pedestal heights from 18 to 955 mm (PB-Series) and 11 to 1130mm (BC-Series)
  • High stability due to large pedestal base
  • Open joints facilitate water evacuation
  • UV-resistant and high chemical resistance
  • Withstands weather conditions and climates with a temperature rating from – 50° C to + 120° C.
  • Height-adjustable and slope-correcting
  • Each pedestal holds 2,200 lbs (1,000 lbs design load)

Buzon Pedestal Components Used:

Industrial Application with Buzon Pedestals

Biorefinery industrial application with Buzon pedestals
Biotech algae production pipes installed over Buzon pedestals
Biotech industrial plant with pipes installed over Buzon pedestals
Buzon pedestals have high chemical resistance making them well suited for industrial facilities like the one shown
Close up of Buzon pedestals with joist kit accessory
Close up of uneven substrate and adjustable height pedestals
Tubes filled with algae supported by Buzon pedestals
Large industrial pipes set over Buzon pedestals
Red locking tabs on Buzon pedestals seen on biotech industrial application

Buzon Pedestals Reference Projects

The ALGATEC Eco Business Park industrial application for Buzon pedestals is a Buzon international partner project. See Buzon USA West reference projects.

Distributor for Buzon Pedestal International

Buzon USA West is the Western distributor for Buzon Pedestal International. We carry BC and PB series Buzon pedestals and accessories. We provide sales and technical support at every stage of your project.

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