Pedestal Deck Systems

Pedestal deck systems using Buzon pedestals have been designed and installed in 50 countries by leading architects, designers, specifiers, landscape architects, and builders. The why is evident. The Buzon pedestal system delivers outstanding functional, design and cost performance solutions for projects in commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal environments.

Endless Decking Surface Possibilities

Pedestal deck systems with Buzon pedestals can accommodate endless material surfaces including wood tiles, wood or composite board decking, porcelain or concrete pavers, even intricate natural stone shapes. Buzon pedestals have numerous fixed and adjustable joist support accessories that secure joists to the pedestal head. The joists are then covered with board decking, fiber- or metal- industrial grating, or another material. The projects on this page showcase a variety of wood-, aluminum-, and composite-joist-based pedestal deck designs.

Buzon Pedestal Deck System with Joist Supports and Board Decking

Joist-based Pedestal Deck Design Examples

Factory Pedestrian Walkway

This Cheese Factory is certified climate neutral by the Climate Neutral Group and uses 100% recyclable Buzon pedestals. Under each pedestal a U-PAD accessory is placed, which provides protection for substrates subject to puncturing, reduces noise and vibration, and eliminate slippage on hard substrates.

Large Commercial Installation

This large commercial pedestal decking application uses Buzon height-adjustable screwjack pedestals, aluminum joists, and wood board decking. The U-PH5 slope corrector is placed under each pedestal to create a safe level walking surface over the top of sloped surfaces designed to drain.

Pedestal Deck System with Buzon Pedestals Under Walkway at Cheese Factory
Walkway at Cheese Factory Uses Composite Decking and Buzon PB Series Pedestals
Buzon PB Series Pedestals with Joist Holders - PB Kit
Buzon PB Series Pedestals with Joists for Cheese Factory Walkway
Wood Board Decking Over Aluminium Joists on Buzon Pedestal Deck System
Large Commercial Pedestal Decking Application with Buzon Pedestals
Pedestal Deck System with Buzon Pedestals Aluminum Joists and Board Decking
Pedestal Deck System with Buzon Pedestals and Aluminum Joists

Residential Pool Surround

This residential pool deck uses Buzon PB-Series pedestals, wood joists and composite decking. The PB-KIT-5 fixed joist support accessory snaps into the top of each pedestal head and secures the joist to the pedestal. This joists are then covered with composite decking materials using a hidden fastener system.

Residential Terrace with Step

This pedestal deck system uses Buzon pedestals with composite joists and decking to create a terrace with a step. The KIT joist accessory attaches to the pedestal’s head and secures each joist to the pedestal. Composite decking attaches to the joists with a hidden fastener system to give the deck a clean look.

Pool Surround Design with Composite Decking Over PB-Series Pedestals
Pedestal Deck System with Composite Decking and Buzon Pedestals
Pedestal Deck System for Pool Surround with Buzon Pedsetals and PB Kit Joist Holder
PB Series Pedestals and PB Kit 5 Fixed Joist Support Accessory
Completed Pedestal Deck System with Buzon Pedetstal and Composite Decking
Completed Composite Terrace and Step Built with Buzon
Buzon Pedestal Deck System with Composite Beams and Adjustable BC Kit 2 Joist Support
Composite Vertical System with double clips and Buzon Pedestal to Build Step

Airport Passenger Terminal

This high-traffic pedestal deck system uses Buzon PB-Series pedestals, aluminum joists and board decking. The PB-KIT-5  joist support accessory is affixed to each pedestal’s head to secure the joist to the pedestal. This accessory is compatible with the entire PB range and works with aluminum, wood, composite, or other joists.

Apple Park Visitor Center

Board Decking Over Aluminum Joists and Buzon Pedestals
Buzon PB Series Pedestal with PB Kit 5 Joist Holder Accessory Holding Aluminum Joists
Buzon Pedestals Deck System with Aluminum Joist and PB-KIT-5 Fixed Joist Support
Airport Decking System Using Buzon Pedestals and Aluminium Joists and Board Decking
Commercial Walkway Project Example Using Buzon BC Fire Rated Pedestals
Apple Campus Visitor Center Raised Flooring Application Using Buzon BC Series Pedestals with Services Hidden Below

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