Project Name: Buzon Pedestals in Seismic Zones

Overview: Buzon Pedestals can absorb small movements in seismic zones. If you anticipate larger movements consult with a structural engineer. Buzon Pedestal International has a history of successful installations in earthquake-prone Japan. This blog post references some of those installations and also provides general considerations when installing pedestal-paver systems in seismic regions.

Type: Commercial
Location: Japan, Hong Kong, United States, and other earthquake-prone regions
Components: Buzon pedestals, seismic joint plates, U-Tabs-Flat, spacer tabs, stone or porcelain pavers

Buzon Pedestals Installation in Seismic UDX Building Akihabara Tokyo Japan
Installing Buzon Pedestals with Stone Slabs

General Guidelines for Installing Buzon Pedestals in Seismic Zones

The building is designed for seismic if there is a seismic joint that runs through through it. There will likely be a building engineer who knows the building details. We’ve worked  with engineered solutions and are happy to discuss your requirement. Contact us about seismic joint plates. Here are some general guidelines to follow when installing Buzon pedestals with stone or porcelain slabs for a rooftop terrace in an earthquake-prone area:

  1. Consult with a Structural Engineer: Engage a qualified structural engineer who is familiar with earthquake-resistant construction practices.
  2. Design Considerations: The design should incorporate earthquake-resistant features, such as appropriate spacing and reinforcement of the stone slabs, as well as a suitable layout for the Buzon pedestals.
  3. Pedestal Installation: Ensure that the pedestals are correctly leveled and aligned to support the stone slabs evenly.
  4. Consider Expansion Joints: Incorporate expansion joints in the terrace design to accommodate any movement caused by seismic activity. Expansion joints help prevent cracking or damage to the stone slabs during earthquakes.
  5. Stone Slab Installation: Place the stone slabs onto the pedestals using Buzon spacer tabs, following the layout design provided by the engineer.
  6. Regular Inspection and Maintenance: Periodically inspect the terrace for any signs of damage, settlement, or movement. Perform routine maintenance, such as cleaning and re-leveling the stone slabs if necessary using the Buzon PH-5 Slope Correctors.

Buzon Pedestals Across Japan

2012 : Tokyo University of Science, Katsuhika Campus (Kajima, Nikken Sekkei)
2012 : Mie Prefectural Museum (Kajima, Nihon Sekkei)
2012 : Wateras, Tokyo, Japan
2012 : Nakanoshima Festival Tower, Osaka, Japan
2014 : Yayoi Kusama Museum, Shinjuku, Tokyo (Kume)
2015 : YKK HQ, Tokyo, Japan (Kajima)
2015 : Subaru HQ, Outa, Japan (Shimizu)
2016 : Shogakukan (Kajima, Nikken Sekkei)
2016 : Otemon Tower & Park Building (Kajima, Mitsubishi Jissho)
2016 : Osaka University of Commerce (Kajima)
2017: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya (Kajima, Nikken Sekkei)
2017 : Ginza Six (Kajima)
2017 : Park Court Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

Buzon Japan Projects

Buzon Pedestals + U-Tabs-Flat + Seismic Joint Plates + Stone Pavers

Natural Stone with U-Tabs-Flat over Seismic Joint Plate and Buzon Pedestals
Buzon Pedestals Mounted on Seismic Joint Plates with Natural Stone
Buzon Pedestals with Seismic Joint Plate
Buzon Pedestals with Stone Pavers Installed in Earthquake Prone Area

Work with Buzon Pedestals

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