Project Name: Ice-Free Residence

Type: Residential
Location: Ohio
Components: Buzon Pedestals, ThermaPANEL, Porcelain Pavers

Snow Melt Project: This pedestal paver installation uses an innovative snow melt system from Therma-HEXX to prevent snow and ice accumulation. The system functions like radiant floor heating found on the interior of homes but this is on the outside. ThermaPANEL technology sends hydronic fluid under the Buzon pedestal mounted porcelain pavers, warming the pavers enough to prevent ice and frost from forming and snow from accumulating.

Therma-HEXX Project with Buzon Pedestals
Raised Pedestal Paver Snow Melt System with Therma-HEXX and Buzon Pedestals
Note: U-PH5 Slope Correctors on bottoms of PB-Series Pedestals with Amount and Direction of Slope Written on Substrate.

System Components Working Together

Components Needed:

Snow Melt System Uses Buzon Pedestals

Spacer Tabs on the Pedestals Provide Passage for Meltwater to the Substrate Below
Buzon Pedestal an Porcelain Pavers in Snow Melt System
Snow Melt System with ThermaPanel and Buzon Pedestals
Snow Melt System with Hydronic Fluid Manifold Shown
Raised Pedestal Paver Design with Snow Melt System
Porcelain Pavers and Buzon Pedestal Slope Corrector Closeup Shown
Porcelain Pavers and Buzon Pedestal Slope Corrector Shown
Metal Heat Transfer Plate Used with Snow Melt System Design
ThermaPANEL trays from Therma-HEXX with Porcelain Pavers

Project Collaborators:

Snow melt and pedestal paver systems will provide years of useful project life and enjoyment when designed and installed by professionals. We love collaborating with others. Reach out whether you are an experienced pro or have aspirations to become one. We are happy to provide training for designing, specifying, and installing Buzon pedestal paver systems.

Applications for Snow Melt Systems

This residence uses a snow melt system to eliminate maintenance related to snow and ice removal. The design provides owners and visitors with year round access to the decking surfaces without the risk of slips and falls.

Commercial and Municipal Environments

Commercial and municipal applications that would benefit from a snow melt system include roof decks, rooftop bars, maintenance access areas, pedestrian plazas, driveways, and anywhere that pedestrians need to walk or queue outdoors. Stadiums, public transportation, train stations, bus depots, ski lodges and resorts, other waiting areas in regions prone to snow accumulation or ice formation are ideal.

Work with Buzon Pedestals

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