Mastering Slope with Buzon Pedestals

Slope is ubiquitous—sometimes intentional, sometimes not. Whether compensating for or creating slopes, architects rely on Buzon Pedestals’ top and bottom slope correction accessories. This post explores the distinctions between the two and guides you on compensating for slopes up to 15-20%, including creating ramps, some of which may be ADA accessible. With the Buzon slope correction system you can also accommodate locally uneven substrates.

Slope Surface Design with Buzon Pedestals at 601 City Center

Create a Raised, Sloped Walking Surface (Ramp) Over Sloping Substrate

This drawing details how to use Buzon pedestals with top and bottom slope correctors along with grating panels and porcelain pavers to master slope that changes magnitude and direction. Follow these steps to design a sloped walking surface (ramp) including a steep ADA-rated ramp over a substrate that slopes in different directions. This method works for slopes up to 5%.

  1. Level and true the pedestal bodies
  2. Attach the Buzon PH5 top slope corrector on the BC series pedestals
  3. Dial in the top walking surface slope in the direction of the ramp
Ramp and Landing with Varying Substrate Slope and Direction Built with Buzon Pedestals

Creating Inclines and Ramps With Slopes Greater than 5%

If the slopes are greater than 5% for the new ramp, tilt the pedestal bodies and heads in the downhill direction of the ramp as shown. You can see the pedestal bodies are tilted 3% in the downhill direction of the ramp to achieve the total 8% ramp slope.

Ramp with Slope Greater than 5 Percent Built with Buzon Pedestals and Top and Bottom Slope Correctors

Multiple BC-PH5 Base Correctors

Many commercial rooftops and environments have demanding slopes for effective water drainage. Achieve a perfectly level decking surface by using multiple BC-PH5 base slope correctors, allowing for slope correction of 15-20%.

BUW Buzon 15-20 Percent Slope

Master Slope by Combining BC-PH5 and BC-1 Pedestals

Combine BC-PH5 base slope correctors and Buzon BC-1 pedestals to correct or create even greater slopes. Each added slope corrector adds 5% more slope correction. The BC-1 pedestal nests inside the slope correctors. Each pedestals and slope corrector combination locks together with pins/plugs. Add a top slope corrector to this combination to create a slope surface or ramp up to 15-20%.

Buzon 15-20% Slope Montage 1
Buzon 15-20% Slope Montage 2
Buzon 15-20% Slope Montage 5
Buzon 15-20% Slope Montage 10
Buzon 15-20% Slope Montage 8
Buzon 15-20% Slope Montage 11

PH5 Top-Mounted Slope Corrector

The DPH-PH5 slope corrector snaps onto the head of the BC pedestal. It can be used to slope correct or to create ramps with a desired degree of slope. Each DPH-PH5 compensates slope up to 5% in increments of 0.5%. For use with all pedestals in the BC range. When used in conjunction with the U-PH5 base slope corrector, slope correction of up to 20% can be achieved.

Top Slope Corrector Height Guide – BC-Series

Height guide shows heights of BC pedestals with DPH-PH5 top slope corrector snapped onto the pedestal head. For use with all pedestals in the BC range.

 U-PH5 Base Slope Corrector

The U-PH5 slope corrector is an adjustable unit equipped with two rotary plates allowing the adjustment of an angle between 0 and 5%. It is placed under the base of Buzon BC or PB series pedestals to achieve a horizontal (slope-corrected) or inclined terrace as desired. The U-PH5 Key foot accessory allows installers to keep the orientation of the slope corrector fixed when adjusting the height.

Buzon Slope Corrector U-PH5 Installation

Installation guide shows how to install slope correction in conjunction with the Buzon level. Bottom slope corrector is for use with all pedestals in the PB and BC range.

Using Buzon Pedestals to Create Sloped Surfaces and ADA Ramps

Master slope with Buzon Pedestals: Crafting sloped surfaces and ADA ramps

Designers and architects often seek to create sloped surfaces, whether for rooftops, decks, pathways, level transitions, or wheelchair-accessible ramps. Leveraging the slope-correcting capabilities of Buzon pedestals, one can seamlessly create both level surfaces over slope-to-drain substrates and intentional slopes using the top slope corrector. Explore the guide on crafting sloped surfaces and ADA-compliant ramps in the “PH5 Create Sloped Surfaces & ADA Ramps” section of the Slope Correction Instructions and Examples PDF.

Buzon Pedestals Reference Projects

Many architects and builders have been able to master slope with the help of Buzon pedestals. See other Buzon USA West reference projects.

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Buzon USA West is the Western distributor for Buzon Pedestal International. We carry BC and PB series Buzon pedestals and accessories. We provide sales and technical support at every stage of your project.

Buzon USA Reference Projects Download

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