Low-Profile Pedestal Solutions

Architects and builders are well-versed in the challenges posed by confined spaces and restricted clearances. However, they might not be as familiar with the game-changing potential of low-profile pedestal solutions. These scenarios frequently emerge around door thresholds, on elevated patios, balconies, and rooftop decks. In response to these constraints, questions and remarks often include:

  • “We’re working in a tight situation.”
  • “The space we have is incredibility limited.”
  • “What’s the smallest riser option available?”
  • “Can you provide stand-offs less than 1 inch?”

Elevating Design Possibilities

With Buzon’s cutting-edge pedestal systems, innovative solutions begin at remarkably low pedestal heights – as little as 3-10mm (1/8″ – 3/8″).  Leveraging Buzon’s U-TABS-FLAT and U-PADS-GROUND (1/8″), in combination with porcelain pavers (3/4″), architects and builders gain the capability to establish a raised pedestal system that stands at less than 1 inch from the substrate to the final finished floor. As the design extends towards drainage points the system accommodates taller pedestals ensuring a consistently level decking surface.

Limited Space Uses U-TABS-FLAT and U-PAD-GROUND Accessories 1024x
Low-Profile Porcelain Pavers Installation Using U-TABS-FLAT and U-PADS-GROUND Over Concrete Substrate
Buzon Pedestals U-Tabs Ground Accessory for Low-Profile Patio at Door Threshold
Threshold Near Door and Windows Needs Low-Profile Pedestal Solution

Solutions for Limited Clearance

The combination of the U-TABS-FLAT and U-PAD-GROUND accessories is valuable in creating terraces when there’s limited space beneath the pavers, spanning from 3 to 17 mm (approximately 1/8″ to 11/16″).

Low-Profile Joist Based Solution

While it is technically possible to begin with a 1/8-inch cavity beneath the joists, the recommended approach for achieving the lowest cavity height in a joist-based installation involves the utilization of the Buzon BC-0 (7/16”) fixed height pedestal. This pedestal is furnished with the KIT-5 joist holder accessory, designed to seamlessly integrate into the BUZON pedestal. The KIT-5 incorporates a vertical guide arm against which the joists are positioned and then secured using screws through the holes in the guide arm. The KIT-5 fixed joist-holder is flexible can hold any size or type of joists.

The BC-KIT-5 is compatible with the entire BC range. An equivalent accessory is available for the PB series pedestals.

Low-Profile Pedestal Solutions Using Aluminum Joists

Aluminum boasts significantly greater strength than wood of equivalent dimensions. This strength advantage empowers builders and architects to utilize shallower-profile aluminum joists, offering the same structural integrity while requiring less material. This enhanced strength extends to enabling longer spans between deck pedestals, effectively minimizing the number of pedestals needed for any given project.

Exploring Low-Profile Aluminum Joist Solutions

Among the available low-profile options available are marine-grade aluminum universal joists measuring 1 – 3/16 x 1 7/8”, alongside U-BRS, a comprehensive aluminum joist support system. When combining the Buzon BC-0 pedestal (7/16”) with the universal joist (1 – 3/16”) and board decking (3/4”), the overall system height totals less than 2 1/2”. This figure serves as a key reference for the lowest-profile pedestal + joist + board decking assembly.

For more detailed information, refer to the Buzon Aluminum Joist U-BRS Brochure.

Buzon U-BRS Aluminum Joist System
Height Restricted Terrace with Porcelain Pavers Installed Over U-BRS, Buzon's Comprehensive Aluminum Joist Support System.
Low Profile Pedestal Solution Needed for Porcelain Pavers Rooftop Deck With Limited Height Near Door Threshold
Rooftop Deck With Limited Height Near Door Threshold Requires Low-Profile Pedestal Solution

Pro Tip: Buzon Pedestal
Rooftop Deck Installation

To establish your finished floor elevation (FFE), typically begin at the door threshold. Get the height just outside the door threshold if that is your highest point of your substrate.** Then move toward the drains. Buzon pedestals are height-adjustable and slope-correcting. A level walking surface can be perfectly achieved while the pedestal heights will vary. The tallest pedestals will be next to the lowest edge or area drain.

** Highest point of the substrate may be next to building, on ridge-lines, or sometimes the entire perimeter and all the ridge-lines are set at the same elevation. This tightest condition is where the shortest pedestals occur.

Low-Profile Pedestal Solution Projects

Rooftop Deck with Low-Profile Pedestal Solution Near Door Threshold
Porcelain Paver Terrace with Buzon Pedestals and HDG Grating Panels in Progress
Low-Profile Buzon Pedestals Solution Used for Residential Patio
Porcelain Paver Balcony Makeover Uses Buzon Low-Profile Pedestal Solution
Buzon U-BRS Aluminum Joists with PB Series Pedestals
Builder Used Low-Profile Pedestal System to Navigate Limited Height Near Threshold on this Raised Porcelain Paver Patio
Low Profile Pedestal Solution Needed for Porcelain Pavers Rooftop Deck With Limited Height Near Door Threshold

Work with Buzon Pedestals

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