Creating ADA Accessible Ramps and Inclines on Rooftop Terrace Using Buzon Pedestals

Creating ADA Accessible Ramps and Inclines

Designers and architects sometimes wish to create sloped surfaces for rooftops, decks, walking surfaces, and to create wheelchair accessible ramps. The same slope-correcting features that allow designers to use Buzon pedestals to create level surfaces over slope-to-drain substrates can also be used to design sloping surfaces with a desired degree of slope. Buzon base and top slope correctors can be used to achieve slopes of up to 20% and to create ramps and inclines. There are many faces of slope correction.

The Many Faces of Slope Correction

There are various situations in which designers, builders, and architects will encounter slope. Seldom do you want your horizontal surface to simply follow the slope. This can be especially problematic if the substrate is locally uneven or goes in different directions. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be for visitors on a large decking surface to rise and fall with the substrate as it changes. Thankfully, none of that is necessary. Buzon Pedestals and slope correction accessories accommodate a wide variety of slope correction situations.

  • Create a level surface over a sloping substrate
  • Create a level surface over a locally uneven substrate
  • Create a incline over a level or sloping substrate
  • Create an accessible ramp between two levels
  • Create combinations of grades going in different directions

The versatility of Buzon Pedestals and slope corrector accessories is unmatched. Best of all, you don’t have to figure this out on your own. Contact us for help with your design.

Slope Surface Design with Buzon Pedestals at 601 City Center
BUW Buzon 15-20 Percent Slope
Buzon Pedestals Used with Grating Panels to Level Out Large Change in Substrate
Walkway with PB Series Pedestals and Porcelain Pavers
Buzon PB Pedestals Paver System on Rooftop Deck Champlain College
Creating ADA Accessible Ramps and Inclines on Rooftop Terrace Using Porcelain Pavers and Buzon Pedestals
Creating ADA Accessible Ramps and Inclines on Rooftop Terrace Using Buzon Pedestals
Polygonal Shaped Stone Over Buzon BC Series Pedestals in Walkway Application
Span Unequal Heights with Adjustable Height Buzon BC Series Pedestals with Concrete Pavers

PH5 Top-Mounted Slope Corrector for Creating Ramps and Inclines

The DPH-PH5 slope corrector snaps onto the head of the BC pedestal. It can be used to slope correct or for creating ramps and inclines. Each DPH-PH5 compensates slope up to 5% in increments of 0.5%. For use with all pedestals in the BC range. When used in conjunction with the U-PH5 base slope corrector, slope correction of up to 20% can be achieved.

Top Slope Corrector Height Guide – BC-Series

Height guide shows heights of BC pedestals with DPH-PH5 top slope corrector snapped onto the pedestal head. For use with all pedestals in the BC range.

 U-PH5 Base Slope Corrector

The U-PH5 slope corrector is an adjustable unit equipped with two rotary plates allowing the adjustment of an angle between 0 and 5%. It is placed under the base of Buzon BC or PB series pedestals to achieve a horizontal (slope-corrected) or inclined terrace as desired. The U-PH5 Key foot accessory allows installers to keep the orientation of the slope corrector fixed when adjusting the height.

Buzon Slope Corrector U-PH5 Installation

Installation guide shows how to install slope correction in conjunction with the Buzon level. Bottom slope corrector is for use with all pedestals in the PB and BC range.

Creating ADA Accessible Ramps and Inclines on Rooftop Terrace Using Porcelain Pavers and Buzon Pedestals

Guide for Slope Correction and Creating Ramps and Inclines

Explore the guide on crafting sloped surfaces and ADA-compliant ramps.

  • Using Buzon pedestals to create sloped surfaces and ADA ramps
  • Slope correction instructions
  • Ramp with slope greater than 5% using top and bottom slope correctors
  • Ramp and landing with varying substrate slope and direction
Using Buzon Pedestals to Create Sloped Surfaces and ADA Ramps
Ramp with Slope Greater than 5 Percent Built with Buzon Pedestals and Top and Bottom Slope Correctors
Ramp and Landing with Varying Substrate Slope and Direction Built with Buzon Pedestals

Design Guidance From The U.S. Access Board

The Access Board is an independent federal agency that promotes equality for people with disabilities through leadership in accessible design and the development of accessibility guidelines and standards. Created in 1973 to ensure access to federally funded facilities, the Access Board is now a leading source of information on accessible design. The Access Board develops and maintains design criteria for the built environment, transit vehicles, public right-of-way, information and communication technology, and medical diagnostic equipment under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and other laws.

Buzon Pedestals Reference Projects

Many architects and builders have successfully created ramps and inclines with Buzon USA West. See other reference projects.

Distributor for Buzon Pedestal International

Buzon USA West is the Western distributor for Buzon Pedestal International. We carry BC and PB series Buzon pedestals and accessories, providing sales and technical support at every project stage.

Buzon USA Reference Projects Download

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